Ammolite – Incredible Brilliance

Ammolite PendantA gemstone of intense brilliance and beauty, Ammolite – also called “Calcenite” and “Korite” – has only recently been recognized with official gemstone status in 1981. Since then, Ammolite has become a popular gemstone in jewelry. Its vivid showing of iridescent color rivals Opal with the intensity of its hues, which typically range between all four primary colors – bright green, fiery red, sapphire blue, and golden or amber yellow. The full rainbow spectrum of color may be present in a single Ammolite stone!

Ammolite is created from Ammonite snail fossils that are found along the Bearpaw Formation, which runs through the Rocky Mountains between Canada and the United States. Most Ammolites are Doublet Ammolites or Triplet Ammolites, which are carefully created to protect the gemstones and highlight the intense Ammolite colors.

Ana Silver Co. captures the stunning radiance of Ammolite in pure 925 Sterling Silver. Browse our one-of-a-kind Ammolite silver pendants, Ammolite silver earrings, and Ammolite silver rings. For best results, clean your Ammolite silver jewelry very gently with soap and warm water, or use a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth – which is available in our online store.


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