Astrophyllite – Believe and you will Achieve

Astrophyllite Pendant

Astrophyllite is a very rare mineral that is found only in a few remote locations around the world. It was first discovered in 1854 in Norway. The Greek words for star – “astron” – and leaf – “phyllon” contributed to Astrophyllite’s name, because of its crystalline starburst-like patterns. Astrophyllite is associated with overcoming obstacles and reaching one’s full potential. Its motto is “Believe and you will achieve.”

Astrophyllite colors range across the neutral spectrum of earth tones. Stones can be either black or white in background color and patterned with starbursts of deep brown, bright gold, greenish or silvery gray, and sometimes even pink. Since Astrophyllite is a soft and relatively fragile stone, it should be stored with care and kept separate from your other jewelry.

Ana Silver Co. has gained a solid reputation for high-quality Sterling Silver jewelry. Our in-house artisans use only the finest 925 Sterling Silver to create unique Astrophyllite silver pendants, gorgeous Astrophyllite silver earrings, and one-of-a-kind Astrophyllite silver rings. Treat yourself to the earthy beauty of Astrophyllite Sterling Silver jewelry!

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