Azurite – Stone of Heaven

Azurite Pendant

Called the “Stone of Heaven” by the ancient Chinese, Azurite is a vibrant indigo-blue gemstone that has been shrouded in myth, mystery, and legend by many civilizations. Its twin is the deep green Malachite, and both minerals are often found together – either separately or intertwined into “Azure-Malachite.” Rarer still is “Bluebird” Azurite, which is a mixture of Azurite and dark red Cuprite.

Ana Silver Co. selects quality Azurite specimens, sets each unique piece into pure 925 Sterling Silver, and offers these one-of-a-kind jewelry beauties at great prices. Using a variety of gorgeous French styles, the professional artisans of Ana Silver Co. offer a stunning selection of Azurite silver pendants, Azurite silver rings, and Azurite silver earrings. Azurite silver jewelry makes a wonderful gift, and its deep, rich color adds a touch of royal elegance to any outfit!


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